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Where to stay in Chianti, Italy

Not every visitor to Tuscany and to Chianti in particular has heard that there is a great alternative to staying in a city hotel. What is that alternative? Find a place to stay in the country in the form of a villa, farm house (casa colonica), rural apartment or Bed and Breakfast room. There are, of course, some lovely hotels in the Chianti countryside but they are far outnumbered by self-catering holiday homes in villages and on farms. These latter - vacation rentals on vineyards and olive oil producing farms - are known as agriturismi (singular agriturismo). The standard of accommodation is high and in many cases both the structure and the furnishings are in romantic Tuscan country style, with terraces, pergolas, gardens and very often a swimming pool provided for your pleasure. Panoramic views are also often part of the picture because Tuscan farms are usually built on hillsides and Tuscan villages are typically situated on hill tops. This also means cooler temperatures in summer due to breezes and altitude.

Where to stay in Chianti, Italy

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How to get around in Tuscany has to be taken into account while planning your trip. If you stay in a city, it is better NOT to have a car during that part of your stay because of the limited traffic zones that cover the historical centres of towns large and small, and where any driver without a permit is fined. This often infuriates tourists who are fined multiple times for driving in prohibited areas. Read more about traffic violations in Tuscany and Italy. Even larger cities such as Florence, Pisa, Luca and Sienna have historic centres that are easily walkable - you don't need a car to enjoy them. From you city base, you can easily and efficiently visit other cities and also many towns by train and in some cases comfortable buses.

If you decide on a rural place to stay in Chianti for part or all of your trip, the most efficient way to visit the smaller towns and villages of Tuscany is undoubtedly by car and if you are staying at an agriturismo, there will be plenty of parking space. Nevertheless, it is still possible to have a country base with good public transport, usually a bus. In Greve in Chianti, the market town of the Chianti Classico wine zone, for example, there are vacation apartments and B&B's right in the town centre and within easy walking distance of the centre and the bus stop for Florence.  Read more about getting around Chianti without a car.

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