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The historical Chianti geographical area is a roughly oval territory located between Florence and Sienna. This is what we are referring to when we use the expression "Chianti, Tuscany". This historical area also corresponds more or less the the Chianti Classico wine zone. Around this area and extending in an irregular manner into other parts of Tuscany is the non-classico Chianti wine territory.

Chianti Italy

The village of Panzano in Chianti.

Throughout the Chianti territory there is extensive physical evidence of human occupation for the past 3,000 years at least, but most evidently since the end of the dark ages, about 1,100 years ago. Castles, walled villages, abbeys, fortified farmhouses and, especially, Romanesque parish churches (pievi) provide insight into life in Chianti up until the Renaissance. From that period on we see magnificent Renaissance villas, many of them converted castles, up until the 19 C when smaller but much more numerous Tuscan villas made their appearance dotting the Chianti landscape.

The physical topology of Chianti is equally enchanting. The terrain is hilly, cut by deep stream and river valleys, and quite heavily forested with a mixture of holm oak and chestnut, with occasion stands of cypress trees. Vineyards and olive groves surround the towns and villages. Photo opportunities abound!

Needless to say, food and wine rank high among the reasons to spend time among the friendly people of Chianti. Chianti wines need no introduction. Their quality improved tremendously during the period 1960 to 1980, and continues to improve although a bad Chianti wine would now be extremely difficult to find. The traditional cuisine of the country people of Chianti is dominated by bread and olive oil, combined with fresh vegetables, and, in modern times, a considerable range of meat dishes. Various kinds of salumi are still very popular, but roast and grilled meat, mostly pork, is now much more commonly part of an everyday meal than it was 60 years ago.

Many visitors to Chianti don't realise that there is a huge range of comfortable holiday accommodation available in addition to the hotels that are located predominantly in cities and towns. Throughout the region, there are true villas, farm houses, farm house and village apartments and Bed & Breakfast rooms readily available at highly competitive prices. The vast majority of these accommodations are beautifully restored and furnished in Tuscan country style. Kitchens and bathrooms are modern and internet connectivity is available in many cases.

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